Notebook With Double Coil

Notebook With Double Coil

Customized notebook with double coil ※ Specifications: 210mm*143mm (straightness book) ※ Cover: 128g light powder paper, with1.5mm gray board ※ Content: 80g woodfree paper ※ Craft: Perforated skin shell wearing snake, snake hardcover, four-color printing ※ Minimum order 1000 copies ※...

Product Details

Notebook with double coil

※ Specifications: 210mm*143mm (straightness book)

※ Cover: 128g light powder paper, with1.5mm gray board

※ Content: 80g woodfree paper

※ Craft: Perforated skin shell wearing snake, snake hardcover, four-color printing

※ Minimum order  1000 copies

※ Printing cycle: 7 days

※ Product name: Coil Notebook


Double coil binding uses exclusively metal wiring, which makes notebook looks classier. These types of bindings are used most often for formal reports and the like.
Two coils pass through each hole, as the namesake suggests, and can take a lot less time to coil, if fully automatic machinery is used. With the help of the correct machines, double coil booklets can be rapidly produced for massive audiences. If you need to print thousands of books per hour, this could be a major advantage. Also, they are flexible, textured softcover with twin-wire binding makes it convenient to open and close, and is available to be put flat on the desk.


The four major binding fields that are mainly used for single coils

Coil binding is common in our daily lives, such as folders for work, commemorative albums for graduation, and notebooks for reading. These binding coils can be divided into double coils and single coils. Today we will look at the applicable fields of single coils.

Tips of printing

Technology: These 3 strokes can "go" the die-cutting line is not straight

The pressure line does not occur directly in each carton factory. It is only a small problem, but it will affect the carton molding, resulting in low efficiency of the rear carton. This article will analyze how to solve the problem of not straight line pressure from three aspects.

What is the die-cutting line not straight?

The die-cutting line is not straight. It means that the pressure line is inaccurate and skewed during the die-cutting production.

2 major hazards of die-cutting lines

1. The biggest influence of the carton pressure line is the carton molding, especially the small carton;

2. Lead to the inefficiency of the rear sticky box and increase the scrap rate;

These two major hazards affect both production efficiency and production quality.

Solve the 3 key points of die-cutting line not straight

The die-cutting line is not straight. It is mainly caused by the mismatching of die-cutting pressure and die-cutting consumables. Relatively speaking, the factory inspection and requirements for the mold are basically blank. The following is the reason and solution for analyzing the pressure line not straight:

1. Pressing the line high die cutting thin

Analysis of the problem: Carton die-cutting is made according to the shape of the cardboard. For example, the thickness of the three-layer cardboard die-cutting plate is 18 mm, and the thickness of the five-layer cardboard is 15 mm. The thickness of the entire die-cutting plate is 23.8 mm. If we need to die-cut three-layer cardboard and choose to use a 15 mm template, the pressing line is higher. When the die-cutting plate is squeezed during die-cutting, the line is pressed. There will be a skew, resulting in a die-cutting line that is not straight and the position is the same.

Solution: Choose different die-cut thicknesses for different types.

2. The pressure line in the sponge is too close

Analysis of the problem: Many die-cutting machines like to stick the sponge on the edge of the pressed line, there is almost no gap. This is a misunderstanding. When the sponge is close to the pressure line, the pressure will be pressed by the die-cutting pressure. Over time, the pressure lines are loose and the pressure line is not straight.

Solution: Install a conventional sponge should be pressed more than 2 mm.

3. Poor mold making

Analysis of the problem: the position of the pressure line is not straight when the mold is made, which leads to the inconsistency in the production. Secondly, the die-cutting plate is not fast enough to be fastened. If the groove of the installed pressure line is too large or too tight, the pressure line will be affected. effect.

Solution: Choose a well-made mold.


If the die-cutting line is not straight, it is necessary to check the mold condition and the wear state of the pressure plate or the superior rubber pad. When the adjustment is made properly, the appearance of the carton can be guaranteed, and the production efficiency of the subsequent process can be improved. And quality.

Pinting scope

Custom Hardcover book, softcover book, spiral & wire-o binding book

photography book, coffee table book, school year book, children book, cooking book, notebook, catalogue, brochure, flyer and cardboard or corrugated boxes etc.

perfect bindingsewing binding book, glue binding book spiral binding book, calendar, note book,

magazine, production catalogue, brochure, flyer etc.

Book binding and surface disposal



Printing quality management system certificate ISO9001:2008





Automatic laminating machine and UV machine.


Fully automatic Martini sewing machine. All hard cover books needs high quality sewing.



Heidelberg folding machine. Precise folding is the beginning of a good book after printing.

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