Spiral book Printing

Spiral book Printing

Wire-o notebook printing ※ Specifications: 207mm*130mm (straightness book), Any size available ※ Cover: PVC, white card or customized ※ Content: 70g woodfree paper

Product Details

Sprial book printing

※ Specifications: 207mm*130mm (straightness book), Any size available

※ Cover: PVC, white card or customized

※ Content: 70g woodfree paper

※Lock: Without Lock

※Inside Pages Printed: Horizontal Line, monochrome printing, CMYK

※Style: Printed

※Trademark: ODM and OEM are accepted

※ min order: 1000 copies

※ Printing cycle: 7 days

※ Payment T/T,  paypal

Tips: how to make a sprial book by yourself

The book in the English reading "Oxford Reading Tree" series is the same as the one I produced before, "Hehnemann". The number of pages in each book is very small, because it feels that the 70 copies of "Haneyman" produced last time are a bit cumbersome. Because every book is thin and easy to fold off, I made another change to the Oxford Reading Tree.

Originally intended to be a collection of 6 (a stage), but I bought a smaller iron ring, had to change to a collection of three:

The cover and back cover of the collection were redesigned: (The bottom of the image on the left is the back cover and the right side is the cover. The six small pictures on the back cover are the covers of the six books on stage 1. The cover of the collection is the cover of one of the books. Then put together a set of words)

Inside the lap book:

Tool for making circled books:

1. A single-hole drilling machine (would like to buy a binding machine, after all, after considering it for the last time or give up, I feel uneconomical, a hoop binding machine is better than a few hundred dollars, and I only buy this punch machine For $5, I added a piece of paper in the hole, because the original hole was too far from the edge of the paper, and after adding a rule, the distance would be smaller.)

2. Iridium (No experience for the first time, bought 7.9MM, too small, mainly because I use 140 grams of inkjet paper, if it is 80 grams of paper should be similar)

3. Art cutter blade (newly added paper cutter has not yet arrived, can only be replaced with a utility knife, is used to cut paper)

4. Two iron clips (to clamp the two ends of the book, play a fixed role, so that when drilling, it is not easy to fight, iron clip is best not to use long tail clip, force is not enough)

5. A long ruler (used to draw a ruler, the paper on which the ruler is drawn is the same size as the production of the book paper. The ruler is calculated according to the pitch of the hoops. Each ruler can be used repeatedly)


6. Binding film (film is used to protect the cover from damage, but also can strengthen the stiffness of the book skeleton)

The typesetting of the circled book is the same as that of the booklet. Just cut the booklet printed in each book into two halves, and then punch and bind the booklet on the hoops.

sprial notebook print.jpg

sprial notebook printing.jpg

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